COVID-19 Emergency Fund

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our challenge is greater than ever. Individuals who are released from prison are returning to communities where many resources are closed or limited--or can only be accessed virtually. 


That's where THRIVE comes in. We maintain an Emergency Fund to support each of our Core Members, with each team able to decide how that fund should be used to best address the member's individual needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emergency Fund may be used to:

  • Buy a Core Member a phone and pay the first month's bill, so they can access virtual appointments for mental health or substance use counseling;

  • Contribute toward the security deposit for a new apartment, so the Core Member can have safe housing and avoid the concerns of COVID exposure in shelters;

  • Pay for a Core Member's state ID or clothing to wear to a job interview, so they can apply for employment at one of the essential businesses that remain open during the pandemic.

A donation of $100 will provide an Emergency Fund for one Core Member and their team to meet their urgent needs during this crisis. Please visit for information on how to make a donation. (Please note "THRIVE - COVID response" in the memo line of a check. For an online donation, on the Billing page next to the question, "Is your donation for THRIVE Communities?" please click the pencil icon to edit and type in "THRIVE - COVID response.")  Support at any level is welcome and will enable THRIVE to continue our operations during this challenging time.


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THRIVE Communities is a community-based response to the challenges faced by adults transitioning from incarceration. Designed to empower returning community members and more deeply engage local community members in experiences of reentry and accountability. THRIVE cultivates lasting community relationships that value no more victims and no one is disposable. When justice and wholeness replace cycles of incarceration and oppression, communities THRIVE.