COVID-19 Response 

At THRIVE Communities we are especially aware of the ways in which the shutdown continues to impact our Core Members (citizens returning from incarceration) as well as individuals preparing to be released from jail or prison. From housing, to finances, to social services, our members and future members are finding it necessary to be creative in this moment and we are doing as much as we can to provide support and assistance through this difficult moment in time. At THRIVE we always celebrate the impact community can have in individual’s lives during significant transition and crisis. This is true now, more than ever.


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THRIVE Communities is a community-based response to the challenges faced by adults transitioning from incarceration. Designed to empower returning citizens and more deeply engage local community members in experiences of reentry, THRIVE cultivates genuine experiences of community that are inclusive of all men and women - defining people not by their experiential differences, but by the best parts of their character.  When justice and wholeness replace cycles of incarceration and oppression, communities THRIVE.

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